Machine solutions

We also supply a wide variety of powerful machines, it can be either virtual for smaller projects but if you need more dedicated horsepower we also have dedicated machines. On this range of products you can expect the same support as on any other product!

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Virtual machines

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Dedicated machines

32,50 /mo

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  • Distributions

    We don't limit you to a certain list of Linux distributions and a Windows version, we have the most common ones in our list but when contacting support it is possible to run a custom ISO image.

  • Server migration

    Choose the wrong region for your server? need a copy of your server in a different geographical region? we can easily transfer your server across one of our multiple cloud nodes.

  • Server Firewall

    When using our machines it is also possible to change the specific firewall settings from your server, this opportunity gives you more control about the data flowing in and out from your server.

  • Support

    Stumbled across an error when installing software which you really need? or one of your programs just crashed but don't know how to solve it? we got you covered! we have multiple IT experts in our team with a wide variety of knowledge who will help you out.

Powerful machine panel

All of our servers are shipped with our extensive control panel, which is designed to be stable and ease in use for the best administration experience.



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