So you want to start a Minecraft server, but you are not sure how much RAM it need? We understand you and made a simple RAM calculator which gives you an advise for the amount of RAM. Our Minecraft packages only difference in the amount of RAM. RAM is required by the server to load all players, plugins and the world in, having a server with more RAM means it can handle more players, plugins and a bigger world.

If you accidentally have chosen a plan with not enough RAM, that is not a problem at us, since you can downgrade or upgrade anytime by contacting our support!


We recommend for Minecraft vanilla servers running 1.14 or higher atleast 2 GB of RAM, this due to Minecraft using more resources in newer versions.

For running a modpack we advise 4 GB RAM and for larger modpacks with more then 40 mods we suggest acquiring 6 GB. If you still have any concerns about the right amount of RAM, then do not hestitate to contact our support.

Minecraft version

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1,50 /mo

Memory 1 GB

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